I heart IVY_kit / experience branding


I heart IVY
_ kit

DIY – interieur decoration-kit

an experimental approach in developing promotional marketing material & give-aways:
playing with the motif of IVY,
a symbol for friendship and social bonds.

The heart-shaped form of this kind of IVY adds to the positive connotations with the product.
NOTE: The paper leaves should be branded discretly (at the back side).

What you got to do with the I heart IVY_kit:
1) Decide for a relative/friend/collegue who really deserves to receive a little gift & some warm words.
2) take a minute and try to remember the funniest/most special moments you shared together.
3) collect each moment on the backside of one IVY leaf.
4) use the enclosed envelop and send it to the chosen one!
5) the leaves can be attached easily to a simple twig.

VOILA – a very personal piece of interior decoration is born!
A piece of marketing material which represents a medium that people can fill will real life.
The leaves become transmitters of emotional content.
Which will be related to our brand indirectly too, who facilitated this positive & playful moment.
Who created these symbols of friendship
which will gratefully be kept & looked at.