Guerilla Stitching_textile art 2.0

my textile statement about heimat 2.0

„heimat 2.0“
a workshop about GUERILLA CRAFTING and the concept of „home“
which I gave during the festival Alternativer Frühling 2013 (Heidelberg).

Guerilla Stitching_KlappschildGuerillaStitching_Plakat

The day started with a trend presentation on the topic of Guerilla Stitching & Yarn Bombing.

After getting inspired by the work of contemporary artists and guerilla crafting activists
the participants learned different Guerilla Stitching techniques & tools.



A creative brainstorming was held to collect memories and images
around the concepts of heimat & home.


Finally each participant was invited to develop his or her own texile statement
on the topic of heimat 2.0,
 a personal commentary about what the idea of „home“ means today.

(artwork below: „heimat para llevar“ by Ana Pérez)

GuerillaStitching_flagge zoomGuerillaStitching_Flagge Baum

A big thanks to all participants for their creative actions,
for sharing their personal memories, ideas and insights with all of us!