The SWEATSHOP Experience_workshop (Heidelberg University)


… an interactive workshop about fashion & textile production & sustainability
where? … at the faculty for Fashion & Textile Sciences / University of Education (Heidelberg)
who is it for? … students who will become school teachers specialized on fashion & textiles:

goal of this workshop:

a) to create a setting to EXPERIENCE both manual AND assembly line work first-hand

b) to critically COMPARE different methods of production from the perspective of the craftsperson

c) create AWARENESS of how textile goods are made, into personal patterns of consume and about the relation between production & purchase



In this workshop focussed on the fabrication of different tissue case creatures.
Why?… because they can be used by the students for later school teachings, especially for teaching children.

  • Introduction into fashion & textile production basics (e.g. taking measurements, pattern making, cutting, sewing).
  • here: Introduction into the basics  of character design.
  • Each student produces an individually designed tissue case creature by hand.
  • All creatures are laid-out and the most popular designs gets elected.
  • The students arrange themselves into an assembly line, dividing all production stages into separate work places.
    They produce as many tissue cases as possible within a certain amount of time.

During both production phases I take the time so we can monitor & discuss the time-efficiency of each method.


(This Workshop was part of the practical seminar I am giving at this faculty during the summer semester 2013:
„Kultur, Technik und Didaktik der Fertigung und Gestaltung textiler Objekte und Bekleidung“)